Nirbhaya Case | Finally Got Justice After 7 Years

Nirbhaya Case, when this accident happened then one thing was very clear that women were not safe in the capital of India.

Nirbhaya Case was that accident that shook down the whole country.

The whole country heard about many rape cases but Nirbhaya Case was an inhumane, cruel act that anyone ever heard.

Nirbhaya Case
Nirbhaya Case source: Amar Ujala

Nirbhaya Case Date

16 December 2012

A girl named “Jyoti Pandey” was coming back home with her friend from the movie theater. They did not get a direct bus for their home.

So they took an auto-rickshaw and reached Munirka. Jyoti and Amarendra board a bus to go to their home. But she did not know that this journey was her last journey.

There were already 5 people on that bus. Jyoti and Amarendra thought that these people are travelers.

Mukesh, Vinay, Akshay, Pawan, Ram Singh, and a minor boy were sitting in the bus.

They started molestation with Jyoti, then his friend Amrinder tried to protect her but predators attacked him and beat him up very badly.

Then they raped Jyoti inhumanly. And one of them insert the lug wrench in her private parts and beat her very badly.

The bus was roaming the streets of Delhi but there was not a single policeman patrolling there who could help them.

The rapists then threw Jyoti (without clothes ) and Amarendra on the road from the moving bus.

The night was so cold that no one could go outside without woolen clothes but Jyoti was left on road by demons without clothes.

The injured Amarendra was pleading for help but no one stopped to help him. After 1 hour a milkman called the police and ambulance.

The injured were then taken to the Safdarjung hospital. Police started their investigations.

Chhaya Sharma

who was the DCP in South Delhi, was the head of the Investigation Team in this rape case.

Jyoti’s condition was very bad. Her intestine was out and her private parts were severely damaged.

Nirbhaya case

The entire team of doctors was trying their best to cure her. Here the whole country had hit the road for Jyoti and on the other hand, the police were looking for those criminals.

An atmosphere of agitation is created in the country. All were raising slogans of justice.

Due to her fearlessness and courage, the whole country gave Jyoti a new name which was “Nirbhaya”.

Nirbhaya Case:

Police arrested all the accused in 72 hours.

And the police started further action.

The court sent the minor rapist to the child improvement home.

Two and a half months later Ram Singh hanged himself. In 2013, Delhi High Court Chief Justice Yogesh Khanna sentenced all four accused to death. The hanging of the convicts for a long time was postponed due to mercy petitions. The whole country stood with Nirbhaya’s family.

There were slogans everywhere that Nirbhaya, we are ashamed, your murderers are alive. It seemed as if it was not a family fight.

Rather it is a fight for the whole country. A fourth death warrant was issued on 5 March 2020, stipulating 20 March.

The Supreme Court dismissed all mercy petitions of the killers. But AP Singh, the lawyer for the culprits, knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court at 2:30 am.

But after 1 hour the Supreme Court dismissed his application as baseless.

At 3:30 am, the Supreme Court delivered its verdict and the jail authorities were informed that the execution would be given at the scheduled time.

Despite the fear of the Coronavirus, the same crowd could be seen outside Tihar Jail as it was during the Nirbhaya rape case 7 years ago.

At 5:29, people started counting down. As soon as 5:30 people started greeting each other.

Because the whole country had been waiting for this day for 7 years. In this way, Nirbhaya got her justice after a long wait of 2651 days.

One thing we know well is that Nirbhaya was neither the last nor Nirbhaya was the first.

Now society must change its thinking.

Even if India becomes a world guru, we cannot move forward unless we stop inhuman and violent acts like rape. Now the country needs such laws, because of which no Nirbhaya case will happen again.

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