Corona Virus | How it comes to India?

Corona is the name of the problem of the whole world at the present time. Half of the countries across the world are suffering from Corona.

This is a problem that can’t be a cure because there is no vaccine yet now in the world.

If we believe at the report of some portal that ” virus is changing its shape, so it’s difficult to make the vaccine of the corona.

Corona Virus
Coronavirus Disease 2019 Rotator Graphic for (U.S. Air Force Graphic by Rosario “Charo” Gutierrez)

This virus is structured like a crown, so it is called the coronavirus. And 1st case of this virus is found in 2019. So it is named as novel Covid 19.

Now the question arises, where did it come?
Some are saying that the Chinese were preparing this virus in their biochemical lab and from there it release mistakenly.

But there is no real base to support this statement.
Another reason is that the coronavirus is found in the bats. But their immunities are 3 to 5 times more than humans. So it doesn’t harm them.

In Wuhan city of China, ( Where Corona Virus was found first ) bat soup is eaten. So this virus came to humans from bats and transmitted to one another.

The first case found in November in China but when the number of infected people becomes 27, till then govt didn’t open its eye.

One Chinese doctor said, “The China government wanted the matter to not come out”. But all efforts were made to suppress it.

Millions of Chinese people gather during Christmas in Italy.
Despite restrictions and instructions, millions of people gathered in Italy during Christmas.

The largest gathering was from China. Thus the virus transmitted to Italy, Iran, America, Russia and to other countries also.

How Corona comes to India?

One Indian who lived in Italy visit India and went to Delhi & Rajasthan, when he was found corona positive, then 16 people were found corona positive and 88 people were quarantined, with whom he met.

corona virus structure
Corona Virus Structure

The hotel was sealed Where he stayed. After some time a couple came from Italy and they hid their travel history and book a bus for tourism.

The bus driver was found to corona positive and The bus driver and the couple were immediately quarantined.

The government hurriedly took a number of steps to stop the virus.
Prime minister of India appeals for public-curfew.

And after that, the whole country was ordered to lockdown. There is no antidote of this virus.

So there is only one way to avoid this virus. That is to be careful.
The infection reached one lakh of people in 67 days.

But it reached two lac, people, only in 11 days. And no. Of infected people became 4 lakhs in 4 days.

The reason behind this fast transmission is people are coming in contact with each other very fast.

People from all over the country cannot be admitted to isolation centers.
So to break the transmission chain, lockdown is very necessary.

The coronavirus will not enter our house until we go out to take it. We should thank doctors, police and the people who are sanitizing our city.

These are the people who are serving the country regardless of their lives. The only precaution to save from corona is
1) Don’t leave the houses.
2) Wash your hands and apply mask while sneezing and coughing.
3) Follow the instructions given by health advisory.

Symptoms of Covid-19

Symptoms of corona
Symptoms of Covid-19

Why this can’t conquer us?

The trains were not discontinued even during the World War. But today the trains have been closed so you can understand how serious the situation is?

We should think that the government has not imposed any curfew on us. We are putting a curfew on ourselves to beat Corona.

Society needs awareness. Because educated people are also running away from isolation centers hiding this disease.

And are fully contributing to this transmission. Recently Kanika Kapoor hid her illness and after which she met many other people.

The chain of people grew so much that the Honorable President also quarantined himself. This irresponsible behavior can be expected from an uneducated person.

But such behavior cannot be expected from an educated person. some people are saying they need a clean and good room with every best facility.

Ohh shut up idiots, this is not your cousin’s wedding. It is a national emergency.

Countries Suffering from Corona
Countries Suffering from Corona

How we can prevent India from the corona?

The country is going through this phase that if the corona spreads in our country and people do not follow the instructions given by the government then the country’s economy can go back 10 years.

But the people of the country will not want this at all because the Indian wants India to become the world guru.

Today we take an oath that we will follow every instruction given by the government and we impose a curfew on ourselves and will not go out of the house.

Because we all know India is a developing country. India is on the path of development.

We cannot stop the development of our country due to some virus.

So we have to isolate ourselves so that we do not create any hindrance in the progress of our country, but support the country in the progress of the country.

We are citizens of India when the whole world was concerned about the corona, but we clapped and played the plates to make our surroundings like a festival.

We will make India Corona free…

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